On the face of things


This is the full-color banner that Betsey Swardlick created for my website. When I first saw this, I didn’t recognize most of the pictures. Betsey just pulled them at random from photos on facebook.  I have a picture of piglets on my facebook page? Apparently so. Turns out, these are details of larger photos in my albums, not the primary focus of the shots. Oddly enough though, they add up.


There are four images taken during trips to Transylvania; one during a trip to Italy, another of the accordion. All things I’m passionate about. But maybe I didn’t recognize that until they showed up as details in a cartoon. Sometimes other people can see the patterns in your life better then you can yourself.

One thought on “On the face of things

  1. The banner is fabulous. Betsey is so very talented and she certainly does know her mom. Why not a picture of pigs? They are your friends!

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