STORIES. I write and edit stories and profiles for college magazines and other publications.  A good story can serve many purposes, one of which is to inspire friends and reengage alumni to support your mission.sjc-students-waldorf-college-love-food-pantry-new-orleans (1) 2

This story about Saint Joseph’s alternative spring break program is one of many I have written for Saint Joseph’s College Magazine. 

See more issues of the magazine online.

CONTENT DEVELOPMENT. Web landing pages, brochures, digital ad campaigns…all of these require excellent copy that effectively communicates your story. I cover the gamut, writing on topics that range from tourism and community development to food, education, healthcare and the arts.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 12.49.10 PM
I worked with Fuseideas on the re-launch of the Iona College website to reflect the college’s new theme, Move the World.

PROFILES. Sometimes the best way to tell your story is to let others tell it for you. I have extensive experience interviewing and crafting stakeholder profiles – donors, faculty, alumni, students, and others – for use in promotional campaigns, recruitment, development, and brand advertising.

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A series of interviews I undertook for Virginia Commonwealth University resulted in a wealth of content for web, collateral, and brand advertising.

CREATIVE CAMPAIGNS. Digital, social, print, broadcast, collateral, direct mail…as an agency veteran, there’s nothing  I like better than turning smart strategy into good creative.

Wow banner
This banner is part of a 2016 campaign developed for Wow Airlines and San Francisco International Airport

CASES FOR SUPPORT. Every organization has a story to tell. I help craft cases that brochurescreenshotwill engage and motivate your audience – donors, alumni, members, and friends – to support your mission.  Cases for support help to build a strong, consistent foundation and communications platform upon which to launch successful capital campaigns and development efforts.

“Every great park needs good Friends” is the underlying theme of a case for support I wrote for Friends of the Eastern Promenade, advocates for Portland’s signature park.